Tricky Ball Drop

Pittsburgh, PA (2018)

Collaboration with Annabelle Swain.

Tricky Ball Drop appeared in a one-day exhibition at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh responding to the following prompt:


What does an interactive children's’ toy look like in the context of the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and what features make it appealing to children of all ages?


With this question in mind, the Tricky Ball Drop has many layers of involvement, providing young children with tangible interaction and older children with a mental challenge. This binary relationship between sophisticated and unsophisticated contributes to the success of the piece. Among young children, the interchangeable parts and gears elicit joy and engagement. The use of sensors, a responsive system, and goal-oriented design holds the attention if the older kids. This synthesis is ultimately how the piece achieved its goal of appealing to the many ages of children that visit the museum.

CAD files and documentation.