sketch  | skeCH |  a small project; an experiment; a prototype.

The Cabbages of 15th and 16th streets, Manhattan, New York (2021) is a photographic archive in the form of a pocket guide.

My cutting mat (2020) Or 630 still lifes: a latticework of dust—never still, six years of cut marks—too many to count.

Bubby Book (2020) is an 80th birthday gift.

Adopt-a-Oak/Quad (2020) is a sketch for a project I was unable to complete due to Covid-19. It involves "adopting" the ashes of oak trees that were mulched in a chipper shredder. 

A Crown/Scarf Made Out of Leaves (2020) was a 1-hour project in Pittsburgh's Mellon Park.  

Produce Stories (2018) is an interactive Unity app that scans produce look-up (PLU) codes and generates publicly sourced first-person stories about agricultural labor in the United States. This project was made with Unity.

Panther Hallow Watershed Guided Audio Tour (2018) traces the drainage canal for a proposed green infrastructure project that connects the Four Mile Run Watershed to the Monongahela River. This walking tour became a prelude to WaterWalks

My Steps (2018) is an asemic language I created using "steps" data from the Apple Heath app. This project was made with p5 js. 

Mapping Pittsburgh on Foot (2016) is an interactive puzzle that maps a collection of my walking/running routes throughout Pittsburgh. 

Space Observatory (2016) represents a recurring dream of traveling through outer space.

Metamorphosis (2016) is a 3-minute experimental performance.

Portals (2016) are digitally manipulated drawings "in the expanded field."

(in)Finite Regress (2013-2014) is a series of drawings and suspended matte board sculptures that ruminates on representations of infinity. 

Suspension (2013) is an installation about time and memory that is made from suspended 1-inch ping-pong balls. Different objects, including my grandmother and candle sticks, were incorporated into the installation at  varying time intervals.