Lawnuments (1.23.2021 - 2.18.2021)


CLICK HERE to read the May 2 Lawnument Newsletter.


Lawnuments are pocket-sized parcels of grass lawn that originate from 25 distinct New York City parks across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Each lawnument is a living 1-5/8” sq. x 2-7/8” cross-section of ground. Like the sites they originate from, lawnuments are layered environments of growth, and therefore require care. To sustain lawnument growth, I’m asking 25 friends (or strangers) to become lawnument care providers.


If you would like to support the growth of a lawnument, please complete the Lawnument Care Request form. Upon submission, I will contact you to discuss next steps. You’ll want to consider where the lawnument will grow—should we determine a meeting place (in NYC) to exchange the lawnument? Who will care for the lawnument? What routines, if any, will support the lawnument’s growth? Consider your relationship to the lawnument’s place of origin—will that influence your approach to care? Ultimately, how you choose to care for the lawnument will not be constrained by existing standards or rules.


Anyone caring for a lawnument will be asked to record their approach to care. This can be in the form of instructions, a visual representation, a written statement or single word—the format is completely open! These responses will be published in the first-ever Lawnument Care Guide.